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A Special Connection

Wendy Jablow founded Scout's Fund in 2021 to honor the profound connection she shared with her beloved canine companion, Scout.  At a young age, Scout faced significant health challenges and Wendy was grateful and relieved to be able to afford the extensive veterinary care that allowed her and Scout to remain together for as long as possible. Her wish is to provide that opportunity to other pet owners.

Wendy adopted Scout at 3 months old from a litter of four born on a farm in a foster home near Chicago where Wendy lived. From day one, Scout was happy, friendly, independent and adventurous. She was a quick learner and was eager to please. She loved other dogs and most people. She ran like the wind, was incredibly graceful and unbelievably sweet (it is believed she was part greyhound).  Everyone who met Scout thought she was very special. 


When she was 2.5 years old, Scout's leg was shattered. The orthopedist thought she had bone cancer due to the break, but her regular vet did not agree and her bone biopsy came back negative for cancer. It took over 3 months for Scout's leg to heal; after it did Wendy and Scout enjoyed hiking all over Maine.


At 4.5 years old, Scout developed a growth on the leg she broke earlier and was diagnosed with bone cancer. She underwent an amputation of her leg and went through five rounds of chemotherapy. She came through everything with flying colors and adapted well to her disability. She was part of a Yale University vaccine study and seemed to be building antibodies very aggressively. 


Unfortuntaely, eight months after surgery, Scout developed additional growths on her remaining legs and her chest x-rays indicated a large mass. At the University of Illinois Veterinary School, they determined that the growths were indeed cancerous and it had taken over her whole body. Scout was put to sleep on December 17, 2019.  Her medical care cost over $20,000. In her case, it did not help her live a long life; however, many of the dogs in the vaccine study she participated in lived 2+ years after their bone cancer diagnosis. 


Wendy and Scout shared a profound connection and Wendy was determined to honor that special bond and keep Scout's spirit alive with the founding of Scout's Fund.  Scout impacted so many people when she was alive and it is only fitting for her to impact people still.

Scout's Fund is an all volunteer organization with minimal administrative costs.  100% of your donation will go to help dogs (and their owners) in need.

Our Sponsors

We are very grateful for the generous support of our sponsors

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The wonderful photographs of Scout courtesy of David Sutton Studios
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Please consider donating to Scout's Fund. We are an all volunteer organization with minimal administrative costs. Your donation is tax deductible and 100% of the funds will go to help dogs (and their owners) in need.

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